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Núcleo Comunitário de Educação Infantil São José Operário

The Community Center of Child Education São José Operário located at Rua Juvenal Valadares, 326 – Kaonze – Nova Iguaçu, entails to promote the fully development of children, aged from 1 year and 8 months to 5 year olds, in all its aspects: physical, psychological, spiritual, social and emotional, helping the family and community.  

The Nursery São José Operário is open from monday to friday, it works as a full-time nursery from 7:00h to 17:00h. The teaching methodology is based on the integrated pedagogy of the constructvist approach, that is, the objective is to let the children explore and discover all the possibilities of their bodies, their relations with space and, through this experience, develop the capacity to observe, discover and think.

The pedagogical content which we work is focused on education, care and socialization.

The cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions are lived in a contextualized way, and the different limits and stages of the development of each child is respected.

This means that our objective is to possibilitate, in an authentic way, the construction of the child’s identity from social-historical-cultural relations, consciously and in context, giving priority to a playful atmosphere and different kinds of games in the process of learning.

(Kaonze Daycare)

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