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Posto de Saúde

Lírio do Vale

The Health Centre is located at Rua Dublin, 371, Comendador Soares, Nova Iguaçu. In this unit we offer ambulatory care with competent professionals in the following specialities: nursing care, odontology, psychology, general clinic, nutritionist, pediatrician, fisiotherapy, ginecologist, psychiatrist and homeopathy treatments. And we offer the following medical exams: capillary blood glucose monitoring, electrocardiogram, ear cleaning and pap smear. The Health Centre also grants physiotherapy sessions, lymphatic drainage, massage, treatment for obesity and dietary re-education. The basis of all these procedures is to assist in a humanitarian way so that the patients may improve their health conditions, physically, mentally or socially.

Medicinal Plants

At the Health Centre a herb garden of 50 m2 with different kinds of medicinal plants was planted. This medicinal garden is there to stimulate healthy habits and to rescue the popular knowledge so it may work together, side by side, with the scientific knowledge.

In this way it’s possible to help cure patients with herbal medicines, thus achieving better health and hygiene conditions in the community.


This project extends to the Sítio Pequeno Lavrador where the goal is to not only produce and cultivate medicinal herbs in a bigger scale, but also that the children and teenagers assisted by the project Transforming Lives, from Campo Alegre, may learn to plant and produce seedlings so as to improve life in that region of Baixada Fluminense.

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